Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Problems


A few of my sources started warning about the impending housing bubble in late 2007, warning their readers that banks and other lending institutions would be in serious trouble when it burst. Then in the late spring of 2008 one of them went on to say that the problem was more serious than the housing bubble. Middle Class America, it warned, was up to its eyeballs in debt, and we should be prepared for a major market correction, recession, and/or worse. The engineering schooling I'd had kicked in after reading that, and I began to think if there were any ways of dealing with the collapsing housing market and all of the private debt. It was clear that Bush's little $600- stimulus payment wouldn't get the job done, not to mention that it would only increase the national debt due to little of it coming back to the government in the form of tax revenue.

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